Hi! I'm Florian Rival

A Few Words About Me

My name is Florian and I'm living in Grenoble, France.

I am currently a student at Grenoble Institute of Technology - Ensimag ( "Superior National School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" ).

I've been writing software since a long time - I love programming :)
In particular, I've created GDevelop (previously called Game Develop), a complete and open source game creation software requiring no coding skills and GDevApp, an awesome, super-powerful web application to create HTML5 games directly from a browser.

I've worked at Theodo, from June to September 2014 (summer internship), as an Agile Web Developer, using Scrum methodology, TDD, DevOps and Lean approaches to produce web applications in record time.

I'm looking for a six-month, end-of-studies internship in web or software development from March 2015! You can take a look at my resume and get in touch.

My Skills

C++ - STL, Boost, TinyXml, wxWidgets, LLVM, CMake, Design patterns
Javascript - Only the good parts! Node.js, Express, Angular.js, MongoDB, Emscripten, Karma, Grunt, Chai
Game design - Pixi.js, SFML, Box2D, understanding of game engine architectures
GDevelop - Designing awesome games with my own game creation software is fun!
HTML/CSS - HTML5 rocks! Sass, Bootstrap

More About Me?

You can download my resume or read my Careers 2.0 profile.

I also love...

Sciences, Party, Turing completeness, Girls, Sublime Text, French fries, Deus Ex, Skiing, Gödel's incompleteness theorems, Tomb Raider, His Dark Materials, Horror movies, Lots of other video games, Making some lists of things

Languages spoken

I can speak English and French (Mothertongue).

About GDevelop


GDevelop (previously called Game Develop) is a complete game creation software. It requires no programming and can be used to create HTML5 as well as native games.

  • GDevelop user interface

PROTIP: Click on the screenshots for more facts!

The software is entirely written in standard C++ using Boost and the STL. wxWidgets is used for the user interface.
Natives games are rendered using SFML. HTML5 games are written in Javascript: Pixi.js is used for the rendering.

Events editor on Ubuntu

The HTML5 "Angry Peas" template

The online help for GDevelop

GDevelop is open source and available on my GitHub account.

You can try GD on the official website, for Windows and Ubuntu.


Game development

I can develop HTML5 or native games.
I use GDevelop to create these games, so when the development is over, I'll also send you the game sources and you'll be able to update or improve the game by your own without programming.
Contact me if you have a game project: You can send me your game assets, mockups or ideas along with your mail.

New feature or extension for GDevelop

You need a new feature for GDevelop?
I can create a new extension or ensure that GDevelop supports the feature you need.
Drop me an email if you want to discuss about it.

Contact Me

Get in touch

I'm looking for a six-month, end-of-studies internship in web or software development from March 2015! You can take a look at my resume and get in touch.


GDevelop User Interface

The wxWidgets toolkit is used to achieve a cross platform user interface that have the look'n'feel of the user operating system.

The events editor on Ubuntu

I've based GDevelop on a simple yet powerful event system allowing everyone to create the game logic without programming.
The events are dynamically translated to C++ or Javascript.

The Angry Peas template

I've made GDevelop flexible enough so that it is easy to create extensions making uses of external libraries. For example, a physics engine is available for both native and HTML5 games.

The online help and the forums

I've been maintaing a complete documentation and wrote tutorials for GDevelop, available on the wiki.

I also answer to suggestions, bugs reports and questions on the official forums.